The Unaril are the most influential race of the Rift World Aldartha, tied alongside their close cousins, the Oralki.

Stat Modifiers +2 TA, +2 HT.
Size Small
Inherent Abilities Thaumic Proficiency: Any member of this species (unless they have the Magic Incapability disadvantage) lacks the usual -3 TA penalty, in addition, the member also gets to have three different Simple spells of their own choice.
Inherent Advantages None
Inherent Disadvantages Thaumic Dependancy: This species suffers from a biological need for magic, if they spend enough time in an area absent of magic they will suffer from an effect similar to suffocation, retract this if they have Magic Incapability.


The Unaril are endothermic carbon based bipeds, unlike their Oralki cousins they are hornless and nearly hairless with much more noticeable sexual dimorphism.

During the middle Dimension War the factions of the Devas and Asuras selected them to be made into a race of foot soldiers, increasing their zeal, and making them much easier to Geis.

This had the distressing side effect of making Unaril with heavy exposure to magical energies during critical stages of growth capable of developing a Genius, which completely replaces their natural nervous system around 17 years. Worse yet, unprocessed magical energies are highly addictive to them and metabolization of it actually accelerates their speed of thought. The end result is a fairy eating supermage.


The age of Magic

In the year 1915 Magic was rediscovered, the person who was responsible for this is an unknown and ferociously debated subject. This kickstarted a new age of technological progress.

The Surge 

The feedback loop triggered the planet to release its stored Magical Energy, causing an event known as The Surge. The vastly greater amounts incited the transbranar overlords to study the planet again, what they saw shocked them to no end.

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