Trolls are a race native to Aldartha.


Trolls are related to cetaceans, rather than land mammals, as such rather than breathing through their mouth they have a blowhole, they are more at home underwater than aboveground and will live on shores and rivers if possible.


Trolls are brood parasites. First they leave their baby near a preferable home, like a human settlement(Although they evolved to use bears as their hosts), then the baby will use a glamour spell to take on the form of the host. Upon seeing the child the hosts will take in the thing and raise it as their own. Years will pass and the child(also known as a changeling) will live and eventually reach puberty. When this happens the changeling will enter heat and run off to seek a mate with the corosponding pheromones, while the changeling releases their own. Eventually the two will meet and inhabit a cave, although rarely an intelligent mating pair will create a hut of their own. It should be noted that this brood parasitism will only happen in a dire emergency, normally they will raise the children on their own.


Trolls look like hairless bears with sharp teeth.


It would be more accurate to say that they didn't really have one of their own, until an incredibly bad infestation caused a north European village to have so many changelings that trolls became a minority.

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