The Tovukal Nation was a culture that lived around the Mediterranean and middle eastern areas in 1600 B.C. through 500 B.C.


The Tovukal arose as early as 1700 B.C. but did not split off completely until around 1570 B.C. Their knowledge of magic was bootstrapped with technology stolen from the Asuras. Their sudden rise to becoming a great power motivated the Asuras controlling the region to exterminate them before it was too late, a great deal of the force against them being from the Annunakiand Olympians. They were still relatively evenly matched, extending the conflict over the course of centuries. Since Aldartha's magical supply became too dry for continued interest in less than forty years, much of the conflict become for naught anyway.


The Tovukal were advanced even by the standards of today, having had flight and portable lighting technology. Magic was a common art then. It is rumored that they created an entire floating city. Their culture is highly influential even today.

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