The Toruskar are symbiotic organisms skilled in biotech.


The Toruskar are actually a symbiosis between three organisms. 

Their "skin" is a near mindless biological suit created to contain the other two symbiotes, their skill with flesh magic makes it a capable shapeshifter. Inside this suit is a breed of the many Ectenic Slimes native to the world of Torakul, serving as both the blood and digestive fluid of the species. The third is a wormlike Goblin that functions as the genius and intelligence of the organism, these creatures have the ability to "sing", a magic based form of communication that links the thoughts of these goblins together to create a "songmind" or Toruskar as their language calls it. 



Toruskar technology consists of living beings shaped by Flesh Magic into a usable form.


The Toruskar are ruled by a council, the brightest young minds of Toruskar society, known as princes, are trained in a special school during their adolesence and upon reaching adulthood the best are sent to the council. It should be noted that council members tend to enter Lichdom.

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