The United Colonies of Lunastris are one humanity's three great nations (The others being the Japanese and Inca empires.)


Founding And Early HistoryEdit

In the early 1600's a rift storm opened a series of gates to Lunastris, Aldartha's only moon, in northern Europe. This lead to attempts by several nations to colonize the newly available world in an effort to regain power in the wake of the devastating Inca War. In 1630 a stable colony was founded on what is now known as Molasine. The natives were in the words of writer John Olkingberg "[The merpeople] are strange beasts resembling a lobster with disproportially small legs. In place of their mouth is a mess of tendrils. We do not know how they speak or what leaders they serve. They attack our ships with staves made from some kind of coral and crude blades fashioned out of the shell of a larger animal. In spite of the terror they have inflicted on us they cannot harm outside of the sea else they would suffocate like a fish in a desert, leaving them to sink any fool who dares to leave the so called safety of the land." This letter to the king showed how dangerous it was to live on the moon, aside from the merpeople threat colonists had to face plagues not native to Aldartha, megafauna thrice the size of a bull and worms that could eat their way through over a foot of lumber. The only solace they could take was the weaker gravity, allowing them to do things like load twice as much goods unto a horse that could be carried back on Aldartha.

War Of IndependanceEdit

Discovery Of MagicEdit

World WarsEdit

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