The Galactic Biology Foundation( Or GBF) is an orginization dedicated to studying alien life and sharing the information gained, although the name is something of an artifact as they have also been known to study minerals, chemistry, astromical phenominae and sociological expirements.


The GBF was founded in march 19, 1987 by the human scientist Doctor Norman Enverby. In 1990 it merged with the Dokaialfan guild of chemistry. At some point in 2004 it gained huge funding from Arabia, Japan and Lunastris. In 2006 it was one of the fundors of the Hostile Anomolous Lifeform Extermination League.


The GBF has been accused of "promoting heretical research" by The Astral Church and has been denied the ability to legally cooperate with all Phyokosalf knowledge guilds(Although there has been reports of unauthorized cooperation,). There have been conspiracy theories claiming research into among other things, interdimensional travel, theology and bioweaponry, none of these claims have been disproven.

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