The Astral Church is the main religion of the Phyokosalfar.


The Astral Church believes that in the primordial times, a race of godlike beings known as the Architects created the universe. To insure that their creations would ascend they sacrificed themselves to create the first stars. Before they died, the primordial beings created a list of instructions for life to enter godhood. The first stars carried their legacy by sacrificing themselves in turn to create places where life would thrive. As they created the universe, a new race of gods, the Sharnokur, formed and created Magic, these beings were trying to stifle the rise of life so they can remain the greatest powers in existence.


The Astral Church sees magic as a corrupting force that slowly transforms its users into thralls of the Sharnokur. There are heretical offshoots such as the Gaiaurges that consider all energy, including magic, to be inherently holy and see the use of magic as the most direct way to ascend by using it to communicate with,

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