Phyokosalfar are a race of white carapaced elfs.



The upper class Phyokosalfar live in large Arcology Ships, These ships are a roughly spherical mass of convoluted golden architecture. The lower class live on immense farming colonies meant to sustain the Arcologies. Food and other goods are sent through the riftgate network almost brand new.


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See also:The Astral Church. The Phyokosalfar worship the stars, believing them to be divine beings who insure that the universe stays inhabited with life.


The Phyokosalfar are terrifyingly advanced in weaponry as a result of millions of years of war with the Dokkialfar. They're not very skilled at magic and their method of FTL travel is the Riftgates, although they have to transport the gates at sublight speeds a riftgate is a near instant form of FTL travel.

Relations with other species

  • The Dokkaialfar and the Phyokosalfar are in a state of cold neutrality that has rarely erupted into war.
  • And most minor nations of elf are disliked by them.
  • They consider magic using races such as the Humans or Toruskar abominations that should be shunned at best and frozen alive at worst.
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