Okay, lets learn how to play Aldartha!

Creating A Character Edit

First off, we need to fill our character sheet.

Name: This is what your character is called!

Species: This is what your character's species is, different species have special abilities or stat ranges. Try to find one that fills your intended role.

ST:__ DX:__ HT:__ TA:__ IQ:__  These are your base stats, these will need some explanation. ST is your characters strength, DX is your agility, HT controls how well you resist poison or disease, TA is a weird stat, it's only usefull for spellcasting characters. IQ is the intelligence of your character. To fill in your stats, use the following system. The cost for each stat point is 5 character points.

10 is the default, and 20 is the maximum, if your stat goes below 4 you gain vast disadvantages, so only do this if you intend to have a challenge.

Gender: This is pretty self explanitory, some races only have one gender or gain bonuses from a specific gender.

Age: This is a bit more complex, most races have different aging patterns.


---- Advantages grant your character different bonus, they cost character points.


--- Disadvantages are the opposite of advantages, they can give you extra character points. You can not have a disadvantage that counters your advantages or vice versa. Disadvantages also help make your character more of a roleplaying challenge, which will allow the GM to reward you with points if it's good enough.


---- Skills remove penalties from specific rolls and can even grant bonuses. All characters need some sort of skill.


--- This is where your characters backstory is written, this will need to be added too as your character gains

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