A Fairy is a Thaumic Energy based organism, most fairies are native to Arkanshim

Types Of Fairy

Name Type Description Sapience Notes
Tindalos Hound Beast A predatory creature with an inherent ability to create interdimensional portals. Non Sapient None
Shade Living Thaumaconstruct An artificial fairy created for use in manual labor. Varies None
Rougas Race A large, brutish, fairy often enslaved for usage as solders. Sapient None
Loral Plantlike A sessile fairy that feeds off of Thaumic Energy slowly. Can be up to the size of a city. Non Sentient None
Wight Beast A fairy that possesses corpses and inamimate objects. It drains the Thaumic Energy from creatures, often killing them. Non Sapient None
Pyrion Beast A fairy that hunts by firing disruptive bursts of thamic enery at prey. Non Sapient None
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