Dokkaialfar are a race of black carapaced elfs.

Description A subspecies of the Alfar.
Stat Modifiers +1 HT
Size Small
Inherent Abilities Natural Carapace, +3 versus chemical damage and void, +1 versus radiation.
Inherent Advantages None.
Inherent Disadvantages None.



Most Dokkaialfar live of inside of hollowed out rogue planets with special farming facilities, although the higher class live on arcology ships similar to those of the Phyokosalfar.


The Dokkaialfar, due to having been engineered for general survival in multiple conditions in space, rather than for a specific religion like their cousins, practice freedom of religion. Their most popular religions are Messaianism and the Astral Church.


The Dokkaialfar have exellent farming technology.They use a kind of wormhole generator as an FTL drive.

Relations With Other Races

  • For religious reasons, the Dokkaialfar and Phyokosalfar are in a cborderline cold war since roughly 1500.
  • Like their cousins the Phyokosalfar, the Dokkaialfar see Humans as unnatural abominations due to their natural skill with and biological need for magic.
  • The Dokkaialfar have similarly cold relations with the Toruskar for the same reasons.
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