The Dimension War is an interbranar conflict that started eight thousand years ago, it is still going on and almost every event in known space has contributed to it in some way shape or form.

History Edit

Beginnings Edit

The war started inside the brane of Arkanshim. Two supernations of fairy had each taken control over 15% of the galaxy within Arkanshim.. When two highly opposed ideologies overtook the nations war was sparked.

Early Conflicts Edit

At first the war stayed in its native dimension, then in itss one hundred and seventy eighth century a method of exploiting certain planets to create a method of moving from brane to brane had been discovered. These dimensions had different properties than the those of Arkanshim. First, they only had three spatial dimensions. Second, although Thaumic Energy was less common than that of Arkanshim, it was much more potent where it could be found.

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