The Aigulo Virus is a very poorly understood Thaumavirus that converts infected organisms into a larger, smarter and more magically powerful form over the course of generations. A large portion of its code and structure appear to be completely unique, and intelligent enough to potentially infect billions of otherwise entirely unrelated species. It is responsible for the creation of the Formics, the Vampires and the Gargoyles on Aldartha alone. Although it dies too easily to be observed except in action, code for creating it is contained within any infected creature including dormant infectees. The exact origins of it are unknown and it's spread throughout large portions of the galaxy. It's suspected to be artificial, even if there's no trace of any civilization advanced enough to create it. The exact purpose of it is unknown, and its obscured function is enough to make it almost ubiquitously illegal to experiment with, if not for this reason alone.

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